A look at the people of Camp Cuervo.​ This is our mission, this is why......

​Keith Gibson "Camp Cuervo gave me the mental break I needed, to be operational when I really needed to be. There were only a few bright spots in my year long deployment. Camp Cuervo facilitated nearly all of them. Shooting behind our medical clinic when we had a free moment, and getting the Iraqi boy scouts started with archery was only possible because of the supplies we were given by C C. We found ourselves repairing arrows and setting up new targets in our down time, instead of staring at a computer screen or gambling. It was a real uplift for me and all the soldiers we got involved in Baghdad and Al Kut. and i know the Iraqi boy scouts really enjoyed it as well. I think they especially liked it when they shot better than the Iraqi SF head honcho. Ive never seen a group of kids laugh so hard or smile so much.


Cody Ayers " 07/08 Camp Cropper! Didn't have a clue about Camp Cuervo Archery Club. Like Keith I needed something to take my mind off the missions during my down time! In the process of obtaining permission to even shoot a bow on base, I learned that Steve Holden had in fact already started a range. Made contact with Steve and that put me in contact with John Vasos and a modification or two to the Range and new SOP the stress relief began and four days later we got two more shooters with in the month we were at 15 on July 4 2008 we had a freedom shoot. It was awesome "stupid hot" but awesome 31 shooters and with the trophy's John sent we made eight very happy shooters. I'm so glad that I got the chance to take part in CCAC it helped me out of some dark days“

Scott Paquette  "It makes me happy to see Rey Cuervos name live on. Makes me glad I stopped that day. Really emotional. Think about Rey everyday.  Scouts out. See ya on the Green Rey“

Mike Seitz   "I began my brotherhood with the great folks at Camp Cuervo back in 2007 after being introduced to Rene Alejandro by by wife. Rene and I happened to be in Mosul, Iraq at the same time. Rene introduced me to John Vasos via email and from there a friendship was started. John and his friends gave me and many others another purpose while being deployed. We (Scott Hattle and I) started to set up a range in Balad. After numerous setbacks we rotated home and left the challenge to others to carry on. I keep in contact with John for three years post deployment and finally after I retired and relocated to the Fort Knox area in March of 2013, I was able to meet John and others in person.This year was my second chance to attend the archery shoot at Fort Knox and I look forward to attending many more."

Steven Holden - "I was introduced also by email from Rene Alejandro, to Mr. John John D. Vasos. From there it's history. We obtained permission to shoot on Camp Cropper by the FOB Commander who was an avid sportsman. We had over 40 shooters that were active on Thursday and Friday evenings. It was a HUGE morale builder and brought a lot of the FOB Soldiers closer together. John sent us 5 bows and over 100 arrows and it took off. We placed two MILVAN's together and used them as a 20 and 30 yard shooting lane. Worked perfectly. My only regret was taking it all apart when getting ready to leave. If I would have just met Cody Ayers a day or two earlier then that would have made for a better hand off. He kept it alive and well though. Thanks Cody, and thank you to John and Vicky!!! You guys kept the spirits up of so many Soldiers!!!"

Justin Dorathy "Camp Cuervo not only gave FT Knox a start in our archery program but has supported all of the soldiers in the unit in such a way that it is hard to express. I have seen so many soldiers lives affected in such a positive way with the Army Strong challenge that we do each year at the unit. This is a program that is one of the best that brings life in to soldiers through the recovery process. This gives them something to look forward to each week. It also has been educational for many soldiers. There have been many soldiers that came to shoot that did not know a thing about archery and by they time they leave they are buying there own bows and shoot really well. Camp Cuervo needs all the credit possible for helping with this accomplishment. This will live on with each soldier and will stay in the unit for a long time to come."