Army Strong Challenge Ft. Knox style


The Army Strong Challenge is a timed archery event that challenges the Soldier to shoot with accuracy as well as swiftly.This event requires the Soldier to concentrate on a given target, and helps to hone their shooting skills. This event is timed shooting at a given range with 3 separate targets set at 4 separate shoot points. The range is outlined below:


  • Start line is set at 30 meters

  • Shoot point #1 is set at 25 meters center

  • Shoot point #2 is set at 18 meters right side

  • Shoot point #3 is set at 18 meters left side

  • Shoot point #4 is set at 12 meters cente

  • End line is set at 5 meters

  • Targets are set equidistance apart 5 meters from the end line


  • Penalties: 10 second addition for each missed arrow

  • Winner is competitor with lowest total time



Team Competition

Individual Competition

  • Competitor sets up at start line and Judge announces begin (clock starts)

  • Competitor moves from start line to Point #1

  • Competitor shoots 1 arrow at each target (order not necessary) 

  • Competitor moves to Point #2 and so forth until complete with course

  • Time stops when competitor crosses finish line.

The team competition runs the same as individual with a few twists:

  •  Shoot points, bonuses and penalties are all the same

  • Team consists of 4 competitors (one member must shoot from a wheelchair)

  • Team must all use the same re-curve bow as all of the other teams (provided by the SARP team)

2014 Fort Knox Penaties and Prizes


  • Arrow in yellow part of bull’s-eye subtracts 5 seconds from total time

  • Arrow in red portion subtracts 3 seconds from total time  

  • Arrow in light blue subtracts 2 seconds from total time 

  • Arrow in dark blue subtracts 1 second from total time





  • Winning team receives the Commanders Trophy and a 4 day pass

  • 2nd place receives 3 day pass

  • 3rd place receives 1 day off

  • Each company must submit 1 team and a maximum of 3 teams.